Supporting Aviation


The vision of the Slovenian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association is to maintain and build on the existing level of reputation and professionalism of experts who work in the Republic of Slovenia’s air navigation services field.

The main goal of the association is to promote safety and encourage the development of air traffic so that the highest level of safety is attained and maintained at all times in order to prevent air traffic accidents or other unpredictable events.

Additionally, SLOATCA is in collaboration with leading organisations and institutions that are professionally connected to the field of air navigation services and strives for a professional work standard and a high regard for the ethical and moral principles of the profession.

The Slovenian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association encourages the professional improvement of its members and teaches, as well as proposes, new methods of improving work conditions to avoid professional errors and incidents. With its work, the association ensures that the public receives accurate and timely information and contributes to the modern development of civil aviation.